Sports betting

The history of football betting

Football betting has grown tenfold over the decades. The first betting shops were legalised on the 1 May 1961, and 10,000 stores opened in the first six months due to high demand. People enjoyed visiting bookmakers to be among like-minded betting fanatics where they could place bets and watch sports matches on big screens. This popularity has not wavered over the years and there are still a large number of betting establishments open on high streets today.

The rise of the internet brought along the next generation of football betting. The development of online sports betting now means that people are able to bet at anytime and in anyplace. This is an ideal solution for those who are too busy to visit betting shops, and for people who simply want to wager cash from the comfort of their own home.

The growth of the internet also means that people no longer have to rely on their local betting establishment. The vast array of bookmakers that now have an online presence means that people can try out different sites and companies offering a variety of odds and offers.

Introducing Newcastle Odds

As the number of online betting sites has grown dramatically over the years, it has become difficult for people to sift through and discover the best available odds. The Newcastle Odds site aims to make this decision easier as we search for and display only the best places to stake on Newcastle United.

Betting fanatics and Newcastle United football fans can find all competitive odds, available betting types and exclusive sign-up deals in one place. We also provide football betting information for newcomers, as well as details regarding Newcastle United to ensure that users can make well-informed choices. People are then able to click through to their preferred site straight from Newcastle Odds, making the football betting process both simple and easy.